Placement Test - English: Section 1

Please do not use dictionaries or other books to do this test. It should
take about 45 minutes to do this test - please try to answer all questions
quickly and spontaneously. Whenever you are not sure, you can always skip a
question. If you have to interrupt taking the test, please go to the end of
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Bitte beantworten Sie die Fragen möglichst schnell und spontan, ohne lange
nachzudenken. Wenn Sie nicht sicher sind, können Sie Fragen auch
überspringen. Für den Test sollten Sie nicht länger als ca. 1 Stunde
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1. "What do you do?" "I'm _________."
         a teacher
         fine, thanks

2. "How old is Susan?" "__________ fifteen years old."
         He is
         Her is
         Her age is

3. "How much is this?" "It's __________."
         four dollars
         four kilos
         four years
         four feet

4. "We _________ in Amsterdam."
         do live
         are living

5. "I ___________ rap music."
         not like
         don't like
         like not
         am not like
         am not liking

6. "____________ ?" "In Boston."
         Where do you live
         Who do you live
         What are you doing
         Where are you living
         Who are you living

7. "Where ________ John and Mary from?"

8. "Do you have a car?" "No, we _________."
         don't have
         have not
         don't got

9. "How ___________ students are there in your class?"

10. "What ___________ to drink?" "A glass of orange juice,please."
         have you
         do you like
         are you like
         are you wanting
         would you like

11. "You ___________ run across the road. It's dangerous."

12. "She learned _________ Russian when she was a child."
         to speak
         for speaking

13. "They _________ very much last night."
         did not
         haven't done
         didn't do
         have not done

14. "I really enjoy skating." "________."
         I also
         So I do
         Nor do I
         Also do I
         So do I

15. "If she doesn't finish her studies,she _________ get a good job."

16. "The washing machine has broken down again.I think it _________ this time."
         is needing change
         needs a change
         has need to change
         needs changing
         needs change

17. "Coffee __________ in Brazil for hundreds of years."
         was grown
         is grown
         is been grown
         has been grown

18. "When ____________ ?" "On Sunday morning."
         did they arrive
         had they arrive
         have they arrived
         arrived they
         did they arrived

19. "Is there any food left?" "_________ ."
         No,there isn't
         Yes,they is
         Yes,there is any
         No,there aren't
         No,there isn't some

20. "How do you get to work?" "_______ ."
         In car
         By car
         With car
         I drive by car
         I go with the car

21. "I don't feel very well this morning. I wish I _________ so much last night."
         hadn't eaten
         didn't eat
         haven't eaten
         shouldn't have eaten

22. "I started to work here in 2001 so I _________ for Dunlop _________ three years."
         am working/since
         have been working/for

23. "I think most people _________ English for their jobs in the future."
         will need
         are needing
         will have needed

24. "We __________ lunch when the phone _________ ."
         had/was ringing
         had/has rung
         were having/rang
         were having/was ringing

25. "I really don't like this town." "___________ ."
         So do I
         Me too
         Neither I don't
         Either do I
         Neither do I

26. "I _________ into town this afternoon. Do you need anything?"
         am going to go
         will go
         have gone
         am going

27. "____________ ?" "I've only seen them once and they seem very nice."
         How are your new neighbours do
         What are your new neighbours like
         How are your new neighbours doing
         What do your new neighbours like
         How do your new neighbours look like

28. "When did you last ________ to the movies?" "I ______ last weekend."
         go/have been
         see/have been

29. "Do you know ________ ?" "I think they belong to Peter."
         who these books are
         who are these books
         whose are these books
         who these books belong
         whose these books are

30. "The trip was fantastic! We had ________ ."
         such good weather
         so fine weather
         such a good weather
         so good weather
         so a good weather

31. "They _________ an hour when she finally arrived."
         already waited
         had already been waiting
         have already been waiting
         were already waiting

32. "Did you see who it was?" "Not very clearly. It ________ Mr Smith, but I'm not sure."
         should have been
         could have been
         should been

33. "If I _________ so much to do yesterday, I _________ to the cinema with you."
         didn't have/would go
         hadn't/would have gone
         didn't have/would have gone
         had/would go
         hadn't had/would have gone

34. "A lot _________ to the house before we can move in."
         needs be doing
         needs done
         needs to be done
         needs to do
         needs to have done

35. "I'll get Mr Smith _________ the computer system."
         to fix
         for fixing
         that he fixes

36. "Let's go for a drink after work today, ___________ ?"
         let's not
         shall we
         why not
         don't we
         shan't we

37. "__________ for the bus a man with a gun ran out of the bank across from us."
         While we waited
         Until we waited
         As we were waiting
         When we waited
         As soon as we waited

38. "I had _________ last month."
         painted our house
         let our house paint
         our house painted
         had painted our house
         been painting our house

39. "She _________ the job if she had handled the situation right."
         would be had
         had had
         will have had
         hadn't had
         would have had

40. "__________ how you felt about the whole thing, I just decided to forget it."
         I know
         I am knowing
         To know

41. "I got stuck in traffic on my way home." - "Well, you _________ the train."
         had taken
         better took
         should have taken
         should taken
         had better taken

42. "We didn't have anything to eat _________ we got home in the evening."
         as soon as
         just as

43. "They don't like him at all. He treats them _________ they were children."
         as if
         the way
         in case

44. "In a mosque you _________ wear shorts and sandals."
         don't have to
         are supposed to
         don't oblige to
         aren't allowed to

45. "A new shopping centre _________ in Frankfurt at the moment."
         will be built
         is being built
         is built
         was built
         is building

46. "Today a lot of electronic goods _________ in Asia."
         are being manufactured
         will be manufactured
         are manufactured
         were manufactured
         have been being manufactured

47. "I __________ after I started working in Berlin."
         got used to commute
         get used to commuting
         am getting used to commute
         got used to commuting
         have got used to commute

48. "__________ we made a profit in the first year."
         Surprisingly enough
         nough surprisingly
         Surprising enough
         nough surprising
         Surprise enough

49. "Is there anything I need to know in order ________ a fool of myself?"
         not making
         to make
         to avoid making
         to avoiding
         to avoid that I make

50. "When I was on my grandparents' farm, I __________ the cows."
         used to like milking
         used to like to milk
         used liking to milk
         used to milking
         used to liking to milk